5 Tips for Better Paddle Boarding Experience

Paddle boarding is one of the most popular water sports. Facing the waves on the surfing board is really exciting and leaves you de-stressed. This water activity helps to relax and at the same time provides many health benefits. Paddling and surfing on a water board can be thrilling but, at the same time it is very essential to know the safety measures for better paddling experience.

It is always advisable to understand the rules and tips before entering into this fun activity with confidence. There are few paddle boarding tips, especially for beginners, which can help you make this leisure activity experience the most memorable:

  • Warm ups before Paddling

It has several purposes, to prepare the body physically for the activity we are doing, to prepare the mind for what we are doing, and to connect the mind and our muscles so we are “switched on” and ready to race.

Warm ups before Paddling

Source: http://danielgoddardcoaching.weebly.com/blog/warming-up

  • Choosing the right paddle board

Choosing the right board that suits your ability and type of wave common to your area is critical in becoming a proficient paddle surfer.  Length, width, thickness, and volume all play an integral role in board selection based on rider ability.  For the wind swell type of wave common to Florida a rider must be able to balance quite well on a board while waiting for waves.

Choosing the right paddle board

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  • Get on and Stay on slowly

Get On and Stay Up

Image Source: http://www.fix.com/blog/stand-up-paddle-boarding/

  • Practice in Flat Water

Find some flat water, like a lake or marina, to practice and test out your balance.  From knee deep water, put the board in and get on the board, sitting on your knees first. Push off into deeper water with the paddle across and in front of your knees. (Don’t try to stand up too quickly!)

Practice in Flat Water

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  • Foot Placement

Learning the proper place to put pressure on your skateboard will flip and/or spin your board however you want it to. Watch how pro skaters place their feet for each trick and you’ll learn how different foot positions make your skateboard do different things.

Foot Replacement

Source: http://www.skateboardtricksforbeginners.com/take-control-of-your-skateboard-and-land-more-tricks

Paddling is a thrilling water sport and a physical activity to keep fit. Getting fully equipped with tips will help you paddle for long without any hurdles. Paddling is gaining popularity as it relaxes your body and mind. Paddleboarding with scenic view is the best way to maintain the balance between the stress and work.

Paddling is very simple activity, one can easily skill it with regular practice and tips. It brings you close to nature with unlimited adventure. Indulging in this wonderful water sport with family and friends can make it a memorable adventure. I hope these tips will help to make your paddle boarding experience even better.